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Mar. 17th, 2010 01:07 pm
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While I love me some slash, I'm also super excited about this comm, because good genfic can be really hard to find, but when you do manage to find it, it tends to be incredibly awesome. So to get the ball rolling, here is a list of my favorite genfic, old and new. Fics set after the season five premier are beneath the cut in case of spoilers. Dreamwidth/AO3 links provided when available, but most links are to livejournal.

Title: A Stand-Up Man by [personal profile] alethia
Summary: “Just so you know, there are some things I won’t do for you.”
Notes: Set early/mid-season 1. Sam re-adjusts.

Title: The Wonder of Each Hour by [personal profile] destina
Summary: Stories from the road.
Notes: This is a lovely, bittersweet story about Dean and the people whose lives he intersects with.

Title: Dust In The Wind by [ profile] lyra_wing
Summary: They are the gods of the open road and the hunt, of classic rock and stupid luck, of truck stops and greasy diners, of dollar beers and pool halls.
Notes: This is a crossover with Neil Gaiman's American Gods. It is also one of my top ten fics in any fandom ever. READ IT.

Title: Two Kinds of Light by Gekizetsu (who I know has a LJ but I don't have the link, if anyone could provide it?)
Summary: Had someone said, hey, Dean, a year from now, you’ll not only be out of hell, you’ll be fighting alongside angels and your brother against freakin’ demon hordes, with a freakin’ sword that can do better than Ruby’s dumbass knife ever could, he’d have hit them right in the forehead with the heel of his hand.
Notes: AU from partway through season 4. This is one of those fics that just about everyone has read, but I'm including it here anyway because it's amazing.

These fics may be considered spoilery for season five )


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