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Tags have been updated to reflect the expanding Supernatural universe, as well as to consolidate multiple tags of the same type under one tag to eliminate redundancies and to keep consistent with the tagging system already in place. If the tag you have been using has disappeared, don't worry; it's been merged with another, not deleted. Changes should reflect immediately in entries effected by this.

Changes listed under cut )

If there is a tag you would like to see, please leave a comment.

Also, as stated in the comm bio, we're always looking for mods. Feel free to message one of the admins if you are interested.
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Welcome to [community profile] genspn!

This comm is under construction. [personal profile] everysecondtuesday will be gone off and on this weekend, but [personal profile] lizfu will be around through Sunday, and [personal profile] everysecondtuesday will be back by that evening. In the meantime, we want to gather ideas for tags and interests. If there's anything you think we're missing, speak up! This post is one that is open forever.

Later posts will discuss changing the headers to better match the needs of the comm, our spoiler policy, and much, much more, but we're trying to divide the work into manageable steps. If you notice any immediate and major problems with our bio and policies, feel free to poke us here, but the main topic of discussion we're looking for is what you'd love to see not already listed in our interests and what you would find most useful for tagging.

General tagging we're considering: characters; ratings; word counts; author, vidder, artist, etc. tags for people with three or more posts; type (AU, crossover, pie or Impala love, whatever you'd like to suggest here); medium (fic, vid, art, meta, discussion, icons, etc.). Any tag category you'd like to add? Specific tags for the type category? (Yes, [personal profile] lizfu, "type: pie love" will be a tag.) Disagreement with the proposed three or more posts rule? Thoughts on whether authors, vidders, artists, and so on should be divided up into categories, or all together under the umbrella tag "creators: [username]" so a person's fan art and vids aren't separated? What intervals should be used for word count?

The floor is open for all discussion and suggestions! [personal profile] everysecondtuesday has a strange, near-disturbing love for tagging and digital organization, so feel free to talk as much as you'd like to her about this.

This is a test post of what tagging could look like if we go for the umbrella creators tags and if the intervals of the word count tags were based off Tuesday's personal fic Delicious tags. [personal profile] everysecondtuesday will take no offense if you find these intervals useless for your needs and want to do something else.


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