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Title: Good For What Ails You
Characters: Dean, Sam, various OCs
Recipient: judith_88_g
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for season eight. Other than that nothing.
For the fantastic spn_summergen fic exchange.
Word count: 9613
Beta'd by the amazing sharlot1926
And now with an absolutely awesome podfic read by kalliel *does happy dance of getting to listen to my story!!!!!!*
Summary: For this prompt: Yet another school, yet another dot on the map. Nothing unusual. Or so at least it seemed to Dean. However, for some reason this school is bound to sink deep into his memory.
Expand"Anyone can follow a recipe, Dean. It's not rocket science." )
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Title: Southern Comfort
Author: [personal profile] antrazi 
Spoilers: 8.06
Genre: Episode Tag
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Garth, Dean, Sam
Word Count: 288


Jun. 3rd, 2012 12:18 pm
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Title: 'Shine
Characters: Dean, Sam, OC
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG
Word Count: 900
Summary: Dean discovers the backwoods wonder known as apple pie moonshine.

Expand“You want white lightnin’ or apple pie? Ma just made a fresh batch.”  )
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Title: A Winchester Night Before Christmas
Author: [personal profile] lilyleia78
Rating: G
Characters: Bobby, wee!chesters
Spoilers: Vaguely 3X08
Warnings: fluffy
Word Count: 800
Notes: A Christmas with Bobby and the wee!chesters. Written for [personal profile] gehayi's stocking

"T'was the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a single Winchester was being as quiet as a mouse."
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Title: Ashes To Ashes
Author: tifaching
Characters: Sam, Dean
Genre: Gen
Rating:  G
Summary:  Sam's hoping for a peaceful after life for himself and Dean
Warning: character death (not Sam or Dean)
A/N: Written for the prompt: dust


Read more... )
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This is for [personal profile] liliaeth , who requested wee!Dean ending up In The System -- but instead of dealing with the Foster Parents From Hell, finds himself (and Sam) in the care of some genuinely nice people ... and then has a decision to make.

They were already in trouble.  Had been since yesterday.

TITLE:  Five Days in the Blue Room
AUTHOR:  [personal profile] ficwriter1966 
CHARACTERS:  Dean (age 9), Sam (age 5), John, OCs
LENGTH:  9668 overall

ExpandFive Days in the Blue Room (Part 1) )
(Then follow your nose to Parts 2 and 3)
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Subject line: Fic
Title: Everyday Heroes
Author: [personal profile] ficwriter1966 
Rating: PG
Characters: Dean, Sam, OCs
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Language
Word Count: 2047 words
Notes: Sam and Dean save the world, one carload at a time

Beside him, Sam's pushing open the door and climbing out of the car. How Sam can manage to be in control of his limbs (and, presumably, his mind) is a mystery, but after a couple of big gulps of air Dean puts himself together enough to follow his brother's lead and get out.

ExpandEveryday Heroes )
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Title: Gossamer
Genre/Rating: Gen, PG-13
Characters: Dean, Castiel, Lisa, Ben, Sam
Summary: This is the last thing Dean will decide about Lisa Braeden.
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] molletp
Spoilers: 6.21, Let it Bleed
Length: ~2300
Notes: AU-ish of 6.21. Second person.

DW | AO3 | LJ
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Title: The Soldier and the Apprentice
Author: [personal profile] fhionnuisce
Genre/Rating: Gen, Crossover (Dark Angel), R (dark themes)
Characters: Ben X5-493, various X5s, various angels, Elizabeth Renfro, Donald Lydecker, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester
Summary: He is the teller of stories. He is the one who has given his life to the Lady, has risked everything time and again.
Betas: A complete crack team of tons of people. I almost lost count. Special thanks to my non-fannish friends who read this because they love me. :)
Spoilers: Dark Angel Season 1, Supernatural (late) Season 5 (Especially Pollo Loco and Dark Side of the Moon.)
Length: ~5650
Notes: Unrepentant smashing of timelines together. Character list roughly in order of appearance and de-spoilered. ;)

At DW | At LJ
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Title: Under the Space Needle
Genre: Gen, AU, Fusion (Dark Angel)
Characters: Sam, Dean, Ben X5-493, Ruby, Max Guevera
Summary: He is the one who hunts the hunters.
Length: ~1600
Spoilers: Dark Angel 1.17, SPN S6

AO3 | DW | LJ
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Title: Out of the Dark
Genre: Gen, AU-ish
Characters: Sam, Dean
Rating: R (language, themes)
Summary: Sam finds his own way into the panic room again.
Betas: Sonny Girl and Bientot
Length: ~1300
Spoilers: Season 5, specifically Dark Side of the Moon (5.16).

DW | LJ | AO3
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Title: Something Like Forward Motion
Genre: Gen, Angst
Characters: Sam, Dean
Summary: After using the dream root, Sam finds that he still enters Dean’s dreams.
Spoilers: 6.21-22
Length: 882
Notes: Could be considered fix-it fic? But not really. Written for [community profile] spn_bitesized and [livejournal.com profile] spnquotefic for complimentary prompts. For [personal profile] keerawa and [livejournal.com profile] khakigrrl.

He has to find Dean.

LJ | DW | AO3
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Title: Conditions of Release
Author: [personal profile] tptigger
Rating: TV14
Characters: Sam Winchester, Adam Milligan, Death
Spoilers: Through "Appointment at Samarra"
Warnings: References to graphic violence. I watch the show through my fingers, though, so if you can handle the show, you're good.
Word Count: 1013
Notes: Thanks to [personal profile] daylight_darknight for the beta! Disclaimer: Characters and situations were created by Eric Kripke, Sera Gamble, et al. and are owned by Warner Brothers & the CW. No copyright infringement is intended.
Summary with spoilers for Appointment at Samarra )

Conditions of Release )
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Title: Immovable Object; Unstoppable Force
Characters: Dean, Sam
Genre: Gen
Summary: Everything ends. This is one such tale.
Length: One LJ comment.
Notes: Written for the [livejournal.com profile] sammessiah Anti-Christmas comment fic meme, in honor of Sam’s birthday. No, I couldn’t resist the title anymore. ;) Very lengthy prompt was here: Anti-Christmas means Antichrist Sam, this way.

He falls to his knees in the dirt under the weight of those eyes staring back, the gleam of soul light bleeding through, white white white and so hot.

DW | LJ | AO3
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Title: Carried Home
Genre: Gen, R
Characters: Dean, Castiel, Sam
Summary: Dean has found something out about Castiel. He decides to use this new knowledge to help Sam.
Spoilers: Very minutely spoilery in its way for 6.18.
Enticements: Hurt!Sam for the [livejournal.com profile] ohsam Sam Week birthday meme.
Length: 1290

"Cas, I can’t take it. I can’t take this shit. You don’t-- I just, I can’t. He just had another seizure. Nothing was happening, nothing, and he just--"

LJ | DW | AO3
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Title: Of Dreams and Demons
Genre: Gen. Wee!chesters. Episodic (Pilot)
Characters: Wee!Dean, Wee!Sam, John, Mary, Missouri Moseley, cameo by Pastor Jim Murphy.
Rating: PG for themes and maybe a little language.
Length: 3800 words.
Summary: The thing that is not a man pays a visit to the Winchesters on November 2, 1983, and things don't go quite as anyone would expect--for those who are expecting anything.
Betas: This chapter was beta’d by a crack team of four amazing people on LJ. Details at the post. :)
Notes: This is the beginning of a gen ’verse which is in heavy production. The full master post is here. You can also find the series here on AO3.

Mary dreamed of it for three days before it happened.


Apr. 12th, 2011 01:26 pm
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Title: Harbingers
Author: tifaching
Characters:Sam, Dean
Genre: Gen
Rating & Warnings:PG, semi-dark themes
Word Count:200
Summary: Sam wants his brother back

It's not quite dawn when the cacophony of high pitched shrieks begins outside the window.  )


Apr. 10th, 2011 03:17 pm
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Title: Chaos
Author: tifaching
Prompt: #2  at the April Showers Drabbleathon at 
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Sam Winchester, Ruby
Genre: Gen'
Rating: PG
Word count: 100
Summary:  Ruby's taken Sam a long way.

He's nearly ready. )


Apr. 9th, 2011 08:03 am
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Story Title: Perception
Character/Relationships: Dean Winchester
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100
Warnings: None
A/N:  Written for the first round of  [info]drabble_las   Prompt was: I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way.

Perception is everything. What you see is what you get. )

Story Title: A Soldier At Six
Character/Relationships: Dean Winchester, John Winchester
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
A/N:   Written for the second round of  [info]drabble_las   Prompt was: If you knew I was dying, would it change anything?

Watch out for Sammy. That’s been his job since the night of the fire and he’s old enough now to take the next step. )

Story Title: Too Much To Handle
Character/Relationships:Dean, Sam
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100
Warnings: Character death
A/N:   Written for the third round of LJ's  [info]drabble_las   Prompt was:bleak

Sam’s heavy. )


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