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Title: A Winchester Night Before Christmas
Author: [personal profile] lilyleia78
Rating: G
Characters: Bobby, wee!chesters
Spoilers: Vaguely 3X08
Warnings: fluffy
Word Count: 800
Notes: A Christmas with Bobby and the wee!chesters. Written for [personal profile] gehayi's stocking

"T'was the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a single Winchester was being as quiet as a mouse."
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Title: Little Wing
Rating: G
Characters: Uriel, Claire!Castiel, brief Jimmy
Spoilers: 4x01, 4x03, 4x07, 4x16
Warnings: none
Word Count: 1771
Summary: S4 episode tags in the AU where Claire has always been Castiel's vessel.

"The investigation into Claire Novak's disappearance is at a standstill."
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Title: Happy Easter, Dean Winchester
Artist: Lizfu (with a little help from Beatrisu on LJ)
Rating: G
Characters: Dean, Castiel, Sam
Spoilers: NONE.
Warnings: Kemonomimi. That's something to warn people about, right?
Notes: Look, IDEK. Drawn while I was on vacation in North Dakota last week at Bea's. It started off innocently with the two of us drawing one another's OCs, but then it escalated into full crack. Surprisingly, this is the only SPN fanart that I drew from that night. Bea added the little Sammy in the corner that's been cut off. I think he's a cat. This may or may not be an Easter picture in a couple weeks. It depends on if I have the motivation or image to color it.

There are only so many things you can run away from, Dean Winchester. )


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