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The Media Fandom Oral History Project is in its 5th year. This  summer we were graced with a wonderful intern, Megan Genovese who was able to dedicate full time to the project. . Megan is returning to school and we would like to find 2-3 more interviewers to help interview those fans who were not able to schedule a slot with Megan over the summer. The interviews would be conducted over the phone using a dial in conference call system.

The commitment is modest - we're looking for someone to do 2 interviews a month over the phone. You would be responsible for contacting the fans, collecting the permission forms  and  scheduling a time to be interviewed. The interviews are 1-2 hrs long.

If interested, please email me at morgandawn @

Read more about the project here:

Please feel free to forward this info to anyone who is interested or link to this post.

We're also looking for fans willing to transcribe the summer interviews.

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This morning I signed and initialed four copies of a contract, wrote a deposit check, and shoved it all into a FedEx envelope so it can arrive at the seller's attorney's office tomorrow morning. Keep your fingers crossed that it goes better this time than it did the last.

L keeps saying she has a good feeling about this, but I had a good feeling about the other one right up until I didn't, so I am not doing any premature celebrating at this point. I mean, I think last time everything went so smoothly and I was basically carried along feeling incredulous and lucky and we saw how that worked out so. Back to cautious optimism and trying to manage expectations. And looking at potential furniture and paint colors, of course.

Gosh, the carpeting is so bad. I mean, first of all, I don't like carpeting but secondly, why white shag? why brown? These are not appealing (to me, and given that the apartment was still available when I got to it, to a lot of other people). If you are trying to sell your apartment, maybe make better aesthetic choices! Don't even get me started on the number of really terrible photos I've seen. I realize that taking pictures is a skill, so if you don't have it, find someone who does to take your pictures and then - protip! - upload them in the right orientation. I closed out of so many potential listings because the photos were a. terrible and b. rotated 90° counterclockwise, making them impossible to parse without a lot of neck craning. Don't do that!

I mean, re: the ugly carpeting: I'll have money left to rip it up and sand/polish/seal the wood floors beneath, but I've seen apartments in the same neighborhood and price range that already had that done, and they look so much nicer. *hands*

Anyway, now the seller just has to sign and we can officially be "in contract" and move on to the next step in the process.


I'm so sleepy. I want to go home. All day I've thought it was Wednesday and that I would be off work for 6 days (I'm taking Thurs/Fri/Mon/Tues off), but no, it's only Tuesday. Stupid Tuesday. Always the worst.

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"who says you can't defy gravity?
who says you gotta stay in this galaxy?
let's start a revolution, let's start a revolution

under the cover of darkness falling, we make the rules 'til day is dawning
and anything can happen underneath the moonlight, tonight, tonight, tonight

yeah we've still got a few more miles out where love can still be wild
and we might live forever for a little while tonight, tonight, tonight

the night is on our side, let's start a revolution
start a revolution"

--little big town
"night on our side"
grand ole opry, 20 august 2017

And... *thud*

Aug. 21st, 2017 12:09 pm
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We got home last night (-ish) at 1am, after a long, long day of travel and a visit to the National Portrait Gallery with our daughter. She was right—there WAS a lot to see there. Parts of the Civil War section (the Emancipation Proclamation with Lincoln's image via the text! Johnson's betrayal of Lincoln's promise to slaves depicted as Iago undermining Othello!) were geek-tastic. The travel home part began at around 5pm, with Ubering to the airport, and the first flight of two left at 7:30. I SO wish I'd remembered that we'd be leaving at dinnertime, and flying for 3 1/2 hours. That was one uncomfortable flight. The second, after a speed-search for food at Denver before boarding the plane, was mostly an issue of staying awake. Also, the newer 737 planes? The passenger seats are smaller front-to-back than their predecessors by at least 1.5 inches. Long-legged people, beware. :(

It's the last day of voting for Idol, and I'm not faring well in the polls, but still hopeful! My two entries are here and here, and links to voting polls (two) with all entries are at the bottom of each. Please read and vote if you can!

The cat was extremely happy to see us, and we let her sleep in our son's bed last night. He wonders why we don't let her do that every night, but that will make his leaving for college all the harder on her! She does go up and snuggle with him every morning, though, and he just leaves his door open as it's easier than being awakened by her scratching at the door to be let in...

Other news: any questions I might have had about whether my plantar fasciitis was getting better are DOA. Ugh. My feet (arches especially) hurt a lot with all that walking and standing over the last week-plus, and they're back to that early morning pain again. This is after more than a year of time off from running, which has been longer than I wanted! Stupid feet. Why must you fail me?

During our travels, I tripped on an ill-placed rock at a cafe our second morning there, and fell hard and spectacularly. Nothing broken, I think, but major bruising on the rump and arm where I made contact, and I jammed a finger that is still swollen and sore. No injuries for HalfshellHusband, though all the walking was tiring (and yet he made it) and his feet hurt a lot (terrible shoes). He had some dizziness episodes, but not many—which was better than we expected, given what was happening before we left.

Yesterday, an articulated bus had an accident in DC's Chinatown, right next to where we had lunch. I thought the heavy rear bus caved in through one of the construction plates covering a large hole, so that the street ate one of the bus tires, but it may be that the bus skidded on a plate? Hard to say—the road was completely dry, and the accident happened awhile before we got there. I'll bet the bus driver was worried about job security after that, though it was kind of a freak accident situation. :O

Okay, better get back to work and unpacking. It's our son's birthday today, so everything is in flail mode. Including the sky! Though actually, not so much here, sadly. We're in an unimpressive locale for the eclipse...

ETA: I still think that bus accident involved tire-eating. One of the construction plates was really bent, and also, if you stop a rear tire on the back half of an articulated bus, the front will swing around like that—kind of the obverse of a jackknifing truck if you brake too hard from the front.

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You know, if I had known that viewing the eclipse via the selfie camera was okay, I might have done that rather than watched it via the NASA livestream on youtube, but I only just found that out. Boss3 got a cool picture that way.

Anyway, we had it set up on a screen here in the conference room, so people could wander in and out, rather than having 400 people trying to stream it individually. I was outside in the beginning of it, but it didn't seem to be getting darker or anything (we didn't get the totality here), and I had no glasses or pinhole viewer, so I just came back inside and ate my bagel.

The only real downside is that I have had "Total Eclipse of the Heart" in my head for at least a week. Even listening it to a few times hasn't cured the damn earworm. That video remains super creepy.

In other news, last night, I finally watched Lego Batman, which I enjoyed quite a bit. I'm always a sucker for Bruce learning to be a good Batdad to his Batkid(s). The one thing I didn't care for was the Bruce/Babs insinuations, but at least she didn't seem into it, so that was fine. (Also, yay for Rosario Dawson, bridging that MCU/DCU divide!)

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Posted in full at: on August 20, 2017 at 08:19PM

Mysteries of the Force

Tags:IFTTT, Fauxthentic History, DWCrosspost

Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)
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I ended up marathoning all 8 episodes of Defenders last night. I enjoyed it. It doesn't have the same thematic cohesiveness that Jessica Jones does and the fights aren't as good as they were in the first season of Daredevil, but it's a fun ride if you enjoy the characters, and it helps that everyone else finds Danny Rand as annoying as the audience does. *hands*

spoilers )

So it was a good way to spend 7-ish hours, and it didn't leave me in a state of existential dread the way JJ did.

the other day, in anticipation of this show, I was making a list of ladies with robot arms, and I couldn't come up with many - Misty Knight, Nina Sharp, Lirael, Furiosa... who else is there?


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Aug. 20th, 2017 09:13 am
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“So that’s it, the last solar eclipse to be seen on this continent in this century. As I said, not until August 21, 2017, will another eclipse be visible from North America. That’s 38 years from now. May the shadow of the moon fall on a world at peace.”

--Frank Reynolds
26 February 1979

Nag and drag...

Aug. 20th, 2017 12:19 am
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Just a quick reminder to please check out the LJ Idol entries for this week. There are two sets of entries and two polls, and we're down to the Top Six (so, 12 entries in all). I'm hoping to make it through this week, so every vote helps!

Today we visited Washington's Mt. Vernon estate. It was beautiful and huge, and I can't imagine living there without air-conditioning. Like the previous few days, it was so hot and muggy today that we just sweated through all our clothes until we became soggy and miserable. I honestly don't know how people manage to wear business suits in this weather. Even just a t-shirt and shorts were too much! Tomorrow should be an interesting situation, what with cool clothes needed for DC roaming and then fresh, moderate clothes for the lengthy airplane trips back. Plus, packing sweaty clothes back in with the regular clothes. :O

I wish we'd had time to go to the museum store at the National Art Gallery yesterday. It was huge. On Thursday, we spent so much time fooling around at the Natural History Museum store that we felt compelled to buy something. First, there were lobster and squid hats, a plush squid, and then various assorted plastic squid, octopi, and crustaceans to photograph and send to our daughter, who has a crustacean phobia. This goes along with the pictures of a boiled shrimp and an official t-shirt-with-happy-idiot crawdad, from our dinner at Hot and Juicy on Wednesday night. The boiled shrimp picture prompted a STAHP response, and I'm not sure she ever saw the t-shirt. She says she ignored the offerings from the Museum Store (boooo! Those were the "We're thinking of you!" photos), which means she never saw the plush narwhal picture we also sent. Seriously—there's a whole narwhal thing going on at that museum right now. My son and I each bought a small, chubby, derpy-looking plastic dinosaur creature at that store, as entertainment payback. But there were a lot of cute plush toys there.

Oh, and for random amusement, we started and finished watching Stranger Things while staying in D.C. We all enjoyed that a lot. Now I've finally persuaded HalfshellHusband and the boy to try out Awake, even though it was cancelled after one season. Still, what an intriguing show.

Okay, off to bed. There's packing and other logistics tomorrow, plus a trip to the National Portrait Gallery, which our daughter raves about. Though she was "meh" on the National Art Gallery (I could have spent a whole day there), and she told us that the Air and Space Museum wasn't all that great (the rest of us spent FOUR HOURS there, just on Space plus the Wright Brothers, as I said). So, you know. Her judgment might be a little suspect. But still, those are the plans.

Hope you're all enjoying the weekend, and that it's less hot wherever you are...

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Safety Starts Here!
idol season ten | week 28 | 853 words
Going Forward


To: All Allied Atlantic Employees
From: Stuart Franklin, Asst. Manager
Date: May 8, 2017
Re: Workplace Hygiene

Folks, we've had some reports of people leaving food out overnight in the break room. We don't want to assume the night shift is at fault, but let's just remember the company policy:

All leftover food items are to be put in the refrigerator or in the trash.

While we welcome visitors at Allied Atlantic, we do not extend that courtesy to insects. You know which ones we mean.

So keep it clean, and if you see something sitting out, throw it out.

Thanks, everyone,

To: All Allied Atlantic Employees
From: Stuart Franklin, Asst. Manager
Date: May 22, 2017
Re: Fire Safety

It has come to our attention that there have been problems in the break room again. Namely, people are forgetting to unplug the coffee pots at the end of the day (or the end of the shift, for those working nights).

When coffee pots are left on too long, the liquid cooks off and the pot becomes a fire hazard. This morning, smoke was coming out of one of the coffee machines when the early shift came in. That was a close call for all of us!

So remember, unplug and be safe. And do not, under any circumstances, put anything metal in the microwave.


To: All Allied Atlantic Shipping Employees
From: Stuart Franklin, Asst. Manager
Date: June 8, 2017
Re: Hallway Safety

Note to all employees: boxes, packing materials, and plastic tie-wraps must not be left in aisles and hallways where people need to walk. They create a tripping hazard.

This requirement is clearly stated in the Employee Regulations Handbook. If you need help understanding these rules, I would be happy to assist you.


To: Allied Atlantic Shipping Employees
From: Asst. Manager Stuart Franklin
Date: June 28, 2017
Re: Hazardous Behavior

Warning: roughhousing on the loading dock is strictly forbidden!

Two employees were caught engaging in a shoving match yesterday afternoon, in Loading Area B. Such behavior is dangerous, and clearly constitutes an OSHA violation.

It will not be tolerated.

Said employees have been terminated, per company policy. Any future incidents may incur fines as well as loss of employment.

Stuart Franklin

To: Allied Atlantic Shipping Employees
From: Asst. Manager Stuart Franklin
Date: July 5, 2017
Re: Cease And Desist

From the Employee Regulations Handbook, Section I.4., "Violation of company policy is grounds for immediate termination of employment."

Six employees were fired over the weekend for hazardous and egregious misuse of company equipment. There is no question that "forklift racing" constitutes dangerous and unprofessional behavior, particularly during loading and unloading operations.

If such behavior continues, Allied Atlantic Shipping may be forced to suspend operation until sufficient replacement employees can be hired.

Employment is a privilege, with no guarantees. Those who wish to remain employed must abide by company guidelines and common sense, or face the consequences.

Stuart Franklin

To: Allied Atlantic Shipping Employees
From: Manager Michael Cranston
Date: July 11, 2017
Re: Final Warning

The management of Allied Atlantic Shipping endeavors to support its employees, but cannot and will not do so in the case of willful disobedience.

This is in reference to the personnel caught playing "keepaway" with the crane payload yesterday at the company's shipping dock.

Said employees were dismissed, and incident reports were written up against all bystanders, particularly those participating in the wagering pool. The crane driver and two dockloaders were dismissed, including the employee whose leg was broken when the payload fell on him.

Loading operations are suspended until such time as new workers with the appropriate qualifications can be found.

Should the downtime continue to impact business for too long a period, Allied Atlantic Shipping may be forced to reduce its workforce. This is your final warning.

Michael Cranston

To: Allied Atlantic Shipping Employees
From: CEO Roger Harry
Date: August 10, 2017
Re: The Future of Allied Atlantic

Well, you did it. I can't believe it, but you people managed to sink the shipping company my grandfather built in 1947.

Seventy years of operation and a legacy of company pride, and you killed it all in just six weeks with your stupid shenanigans. I thought those drug tests would have weeded out any potential problem employees, but apparently they don't make a drug test or a Darwin test for morons with a death wish!

For those of you who mentioned the Employee Regulations Handbook, the company policy requires safe and professional behavior. That covers everything, whether every possible example of idiot behavior is listed or not. We aren't going to spell out things like, "Do not play Jenga with the contents of the distribution trucks," for crying out loud.

What were you people thinking?

Allied Atlantic's bright future is gone. Between the OSHA fines and the dock sitting idle for three weeks, we're too far in the red to make it out. The company has filed for bankruptcy, and you are all fired as of now.

Clear out your desks and lockers, and get out of my sight.



If you enjoyed this story, you can vote for it along with other fine entries here. Note that there are two polls!

LJ Idol Season Ten: "Flaw Fatale"

Aug. 19th, 2017 11:31 pm
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Flaw Fatale
idol season ten | week 28 | 388 words
Fatal Flaw


I have seen a few summers in my time, though I won't say how many. A lady doesn't discuss her age.

Nevertheless, I've still got it.

A man may dream of riding the stars, or building a civilization whose legacy will last for centuries. But in the end, he will always come back to me. He can't help it—once I've laid my mark on him, he can't resist, and he'll never forget what he truly wants. It's in his nature.

It always was.

I have an allure all my own, and for each man, I know the darkest part of his desires. He may chase after some high-minded creature with self-important ideals for a while, but he won't be able to forget me. I've got a hold on him he can't escape.

I won't play the vamp, and I'm not some siren luring poor sailors to their doom. I am simply the one a man is fated to notice, and having seen me, he won't be able to get me out of his mind.

How can I take so many different forms, and yet essentially always be the same? The secret is in the eye of the beholder. The truth of me never changes, but my appearance shifts to suit individual needs. One man's great white whale is another man's indecisiveness or self-doubt. Some may succumb to me when I wear the form of pride or ambition, while others are smitten by simple greed. Just know that I am real and I am dangerous, and I always play to win.

I am a fraying thread of dignity clad in a tailored suit, or the soul of seductive vulnerability in opera gloves and a black silk dress.

Someone once said I was nothing more than a literary device, but just look at me. Does a literary device have shoes like these peep-toe Louboutins with three-inch heels? Certainly not!

So, if you're planning a mission or a quest, or you're simply living the part of a tragic protagonist or hero, we may be destined to meet. Really, it all depends on your fate.

And please, don't worry about finding me. If I'm in your future, it will happen on its own. I won't even have to look for you.

I'll be waiting right here inside you the whole time...


If you enjoyed this story, you can vote for it along with other fine entries here. Note that there are two polls!

it's the drunks singing 'my way'

Aug. 19th, 2017 03:45 pm
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I am intending to start watching The Defenders, but my internet has been dropping intermittently, which is fine if I'm reading fic but annoying when trying to watch Netflix. Who knows if this will even post? Not me!

eta: it did not post at 2:10 when I wrote it, but the internet seems to be working now at 3:45.

In other news, I was originally supposed to go my lawyer's office sign the contract on the coop on Thursday, but then he was like, "it's no different from the first contract for the other purchase, so I can see if they'll accept an electronic signature, or I can overnight the copies to you and you can send them on to the seller's attorney with the deposit check when you've signed." And I said, "great!" because it's not really convenient for me to get to his office. But the seller hasn't forwarded some of the documents he needs to review before I can sign, so that hasn't happened yet. Arrgh. So annoying. Because I need to forward copies of all of that to the loan officer as well, so she can proceed.

It's always something. Sigh. I'm still not sure I believe anything will ever actually happen, so I guess I'm more zen about it this time? Last time it went so smoothly right up until it didn't. Maybe this one going in fits and starts is more realistic and will have a better outcome? Idek.


Zipping along...

Aug. 19th, 2017 11:37 pm
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Our vacation in Washington DC is nearing its end, and the whole thing has gone by very quickly—except for those times when it's so hot and muggy that it feels as if time is standing still. This weather—ugh, what a challenge.

You may have noticed that two Idol entries went up yesterday. Trying to write two entries while on vacation visiting family was a real challenge! I'm hoping to stay in this a little longer, and have a chance to write further entries where I can focus, so please read and vote if you're so inclined. All entries for this week are linked at the bottom of those stories.

The writing struggle, apart from the time in which to do it... I've been having trouble staying awake at night in this time zone (so, no long stints there), and in the mornings I'm just stupid. We've been getting up at the equivalent of my 5:30 am, and I normally get up around 8:00. Just getting my head together enough to shower or go to the gym is a struggle. My brain is muddled until about 11:00.

We've spent a good amount of time with our daughter, when she hasn't been working. On her birthday, we visited the Supreme Court and the Jefferson Library of Congress (wow), and saw Dunkirk.

Saturday, we went to the Newseum (really good, so much better than I expected. The Pulitzer Prize photo exhibit was terrific, but there was also a 1989 Berlin Wall exhibit, historic newspapers and printings, and exhibits on 9/11, civil rights, and chasing terrorists. Of the ones we visited). Sunday was the National Zoo (panda butts! Happy elephants! Cute children! Also the fattest fish I've ever seen). Tuesday we did the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum (i.e., about 4 hours of space stuff plus the Wright Brotherz exhibit, because HalfshellHusband and our son and I are space geeks). Wednesday was The Capitol, the National Archives (i.e., actual copies of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights), and a night tour of several of the monuments and memorials. Thursday was the Smithsonian Natural History Museum (dinosaurs!) and a brief and disappointing visit to the Museum of American History. Today, we saw the White House exterior from a distance (it's all barricaded off), the Jefferson, F.D.R., and Martin Luther King Jr. memorials (the King one is really nice), and part of the National Art Gallery-- with a speed round through the Impressionists, since the museum closed sooner than we expected. Well worth it, though.

It's been around 90-degrees and humid here the last few days. Weather-wise, that translates to sweating ALL through your clothes and then sweating some more. UGGGGggghhh. And thanks to hotel discount deals, we're also staying at a very nice hotel and having to do our laundry in the sink, like peasants. Not for the first time... \o?

More later, but in general the people in D.C. are really nice, and the Metro system is awesome. :D

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So maybe there finally is an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie in the pipeline. Ewan McGregor's been pretty vocal about wanting to do one and he's the right age for something set smack dab in the middle of Obi-Wan's sad desert hermit years, which is what I'm guessing they'll do. The comics have been delving into that time a bit, and I would love to see either a noir or an elegiac western (or a noir western!) featuring him fighting Hutts and bounty hunters while watching over Luke (who wouldn't be present onscreen) from afar.

And Disney's already got Rosario Dawson in all the Marvel Netflix shows, so slap some head tails on her and have Ahsoka show up, and maybe Bail Organa as well. (I mean, I would ALSO be super into them retconning Satine's death if it meant we could get Cate Blanchett showing up as Satine. Or I guess they could cast Katee Sackhoff as Bo-Katan for live action too.)

I feel like the only way I'd be interested in a young, non-Ewan Obi-Wan movie is if they give us the story of his year on the run with Satine, but then they'd have to actually make all that Mandalorian stuff make sense, and I'm not sure that 1. it does or could, and 2. that I care about anything except their angsty teen romance. It would mean bringing Liam Neeson back, which I'm not sure they'd do either. It would also require finding a young actor who could pull it off which could be difficult. Otoh, there's Tom Holland? He could maybe? idk.

And in conclusion, I think sad desert hermit Obi-Wan fighting Hutts and gangsters is the way to go.


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Aug. 18th, 2017 01:28 am
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1) mesh running shirts
2) sports bras with pockets
3) watermelon

hope for an answer some day

Aug. 17th, 2017 01:00 pm
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TNT has optioned N.K. Jemisin's The Fifth Season! Which is great news!

I have questions though, because I can't imagine it being an easy novel to adapt. spoilers )

It'll be interesting TV regardless, I bet.

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Just removed access/subscriptions from a couple of people I haven't talked to in ages and who didn't subscribe back. Then I looked at my list and felt some despair, because I want to sort out more of that stuff and tidy up my userinfo, and it looks like effort.

Effort is hard.

So if I mistakenly removed you and you do drop by here, or you just like following what I'm up to, or I never gave you access when I said I would, or whatever, let me know.
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Posted in full at: on August 16, 2017 at 04:30PM

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Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)
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 I need help calculating upload speed times.

Our home connection uploads at 5 Mbs (bits).  In the fall a friend will have access to a 1 Gbs (bits) upload speed.

If I have around 1 TB(ytes) worth of data to upload, the math looks like this

1. Upload from MD's home = approximately 20 days (rounded up)
2. Upload from friend's location = 2-2 hrs

Now here's where it gets tricky. Some online backup servers cap the data flowing into their servers. Ex caps it at
5 MB(ytes) or 40 M(bits)

In which case my math looks like this

1. Upload from MD's home = approximately 20 days (rounded up)
2. Upload from friend's location = 55-60 hrs (2+ days)

Did I get this correct?

I used this calculator


i'm not saying you're not on my mind

Aug. 16th, 2017 02:02 pm
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I don't generally play games on my phone - I have a sordid history with computer games going back to the days of Police Quest and the Indiana Jones game, where I would stay up all night playing and then be unable to get up for class. So I've made a conscious choice to just not go there again, though I have been known to waste some time playing solitaire or bubble spinner or Tetris of an evening.

And then I discovered 1010! Which is like Tetris but without the blocks dropping - instead you place them wherever you like/they'll fit to make complete rows etc. And I have spent the past few days enthralled and exhausted because I've stayed up way too late doing this. I even paid $1.99 so I could have it ad free!

And then last night when I looked up from my phone after many, many games, and it was 12:45 am, I deleted it, because I can't be having with that. I was seeing it behind my eyelids while awake, and dreaming about it when I was asleep. Ugh. It was so nice and soothing too. But since I can't control myself, I had to get rid of it. Sigh.

Anyway, Wednesday means books, so buckle up!

What I've just finished
Babylon's Ashes, the last currently available Expanse novel, which I liked a lot. Are these books perfect? No. There's still too much Holden, though I did like that spoilers ) Avasarala, Bobbie, Naomi, and Amos are still my faves, and Alex makes a good showing here, too. This and Nemesis Games are really one long arc, and should probably be read together.

Buried Heart by Kate Elliott, the conclusion of the Court of Fives trilogy. I enjoyed it, though I still think maybe Jessamy made some assumptions that she had no real basis for which turned out to be true (this happened in the first book too), which is a downside of first person POV, because I kept waiting for her to be wrong about some things and she wasn't (well, she was wrong about a bunch of things, but not some of the things I thought she might be wrong about). Anyway, I found it a satisfying if slightly pat conclusion, and as with the Cold Magic trilogy, I found the revolution a lot more interesting than the romance.

Bombshells vol 3: Uprising - after Recent Events, I decided to go back to this and finish it, and the titular uprising made me tear up on the subway. Also, MIRI MARVEL!!! I don't know if I knew about that? But I LOVE IT. ♥♥♥ I can't wait to pick up volume 4.

Star Wars: Kanan: The Last Padawan volumes 1 & 2. These were fine. I enjoyed them, but they were somewhat repetitive when read in trade - there was a lot of catching up in the narration, which is good for a monthly comic but less good when reading it all in one go. Also, every other page, he's like, "Don't call me kid!" which got a little old. Mostly interesting to me for sad Jedi details, like Caleb saying Styles was his first friend even though we see him with Tai and Sammo - were they not friends? That's so depressing. Unless he meant first non-Jedi friend, which is better. I'm just going to pretend that's what he meant so I can be slightly less sad.

Also notable for explicitly referencing the "Jedi code" which I hear a lot about in fic but am not sure I'd ever seen in any currently canon material, and it was "emotion, yet peace; chaos, yet serenity; death, yet the Force" which is interesting to me because it makes so much more sense than the other formulation I see in fic a lot: "there is no chaos, there is serenity" etc. I mean, you know me and my "take what I like and ignore the rest" approach to canon, so it's nice to have it there as needed, but as always I find the way things get flattened in fanon so interesting.

Because I mean, yeah, the Jedi were certainly culpable in both Anakin's fall and their own demise, because they were hidebound and corrupt the way any millennia-old organization made of people would be, and they definitely had some blindspots about a variety of things (providing therapy to members who needed it, using a slave army, being co-opted by the Senate, etc.), but they didn't deserve what happened to them. Let's not ever actually grace Anakin's horrific dumbassery ("from my POV, the Jedi are evil!") with any validity. Like, sure, Yoda gave him some poor advice, and Mace Windu was critical sometimes, and they made some compromised decisions, but that doesn't justify slaughtering anyone.

Anyway, it was also nice to see Rae Sloane, despite her poor life choices.

I also read Star Wars #34 this morning, which is mostly a standalone issue featuring Sana Starros swindling everyone in the galaxy from pirates to Hutts to Imperials and back. I would watch a whole movie about her. She might be Han Solo's fake (ex?)wife, but she's also Aphra's ex-girlfriend, so that would be amazing to see on screen. You could cast Nicole Beharie as Sana and Arden Cho as Aphra, and let them go be con artists together and I would line up multiple times to give Disney my money. Especially if Hondo showed up, too.

What I'm reading now
The Stone Sky by N.K. Jemisin, the third book of the Broken Earth trilogy. But I'm only a few pages in and it's taking me a little while to get back up to speed, especially since my brain isn't working so well today because of my lack of sleep. *g*

What I'm reading next
The next Craft Sequence book comes out in a couple of weeks, but before that, I dunno.



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